Above all to Cybirk for contributing his very best qualities (which are patience, flexibility and creativity) so lavishly. Only due to his help it was possible to realize the entire project!

Also thanks to J. Berry, Big D, Jafke Boyd, Sherri Claywell, Justin Credible, C-Y-B-E-R-sAM, Eric, Erp, Freeway Service San Francisco, Larry Fuente, Highway Patrol San Francisco, Sylvia Hübsch, Greg Jay, Justin Jay, Jody, Katrin Kaiser, Philip Giles Marrinan and the Point Arena Theatre, Christa Matheis, Megan, Melanie, Michael Hellmich, Gregg Montagnino, Blake Moore, Nathan, Mr. Noble, Karl Seifert, Ann-Marie Selvidge, Jason Selvidge, Nils Selvidge, Maria Westermeyer, Walter Westermeyer, Rita White und Nate Whyte.